Lateral thinking can solve many problems. At Kulturpop, we have used a lateral approach to strategic thinking to successfully assist brands and public listed companies for over 10 years.
— Matt Armitage. KULTURPOP Founder


We designed our Lateral products to offer small businesses and start ups affordable access to these same creative and problem solving tools.

Lateral is a division of Kulturpop.

Its founder Matt Armitage is Lateral’s Lead Consultant.


As the world moves, so does our thinking. 

Certainty, once a bedrock in our lives, is now a shifting sand.

Business landscapes and environments are changing as rapidly as our natural ones.

Against the exciting and dynamic backdrop of a changing world, our ideas, our outlook and our approach are constantly evolving.

If you want to know where our head is currently at, try listening to some of the most recent shows in our broadcast archive.


We’re different because we think differently. We use ordinary language rather than buzzwords and management speak. 

We won’t lock you into a box or out of one.

Whether you’re a boot-strapping legend who has hit a roadblock, a start-up unsure of its proof of concept and market sustainability or a first-time business owner struggling with staff turnover, we will design our approach and its thinking to meet your specific needs.

By understanding you, your company and the challenges you face, we can help you to create clear and manageable solutions that will have lasting impact on your business.

How Lateral works is up to you

Every problem is different. Every business is unique.

We work with some clients for hours and others for years.

Some problems can be solved over a cup of coffee. Others require a deeper approach. 

Some clients want hands-off advice over email, others prefer regular face-to-face contact or more supportive mentorship services.

Our time- and cost-effective consulting packages are designed to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

We’re upfront about the way we work; if we don’t think we can help you, we won’t waste your time or your money.


Clients often turn to us when they face obstacles or challenges to their business.

By its nature, this is work that requires a light touch and plenty of discretion.

We don’t ask our clients to endorse us online. 

We have helped and mentored start-ups and established companies in industries as diverse as IT and technology, PR and advertising, event management, retail and broadcast.

Beyond Lateral, Kulturpop's current and former clients include Heineken Malaysia, BFM89.9, Canon Singapore, Malaysia Airlines, JTI, Pernod Ricard and more. 



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